Webinar: Curating the Right Content to Fuel Your Employee Advocacy Program


When it comes to keeping your workforce engaged in your employee advocacy program, content is the keystone. Your different groups of advocates don’t just want any content, they want content that they are interested in that resonates with their specific audiences. A one size fits all approach simply doesn’t work. 

In this previously recorded webinar, we shared how you can increase long term engagement in your advocacy program by delivering a curated content mix to the right groups within your organization.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why it’s important to segment content
  • How to determine which groups within your organization get what content
  • How to easily curate branded and third-party content for your employee advocacy program
Scoop.it Webinar

Benoit Lamy

Head of Scoop.it



Ben is the Head of Scoop.it, he leads the global product strategy for the brand and spend a lot of his time discussing content strategy and curation with customers. As the former Scoop.it Head of Sales and support for 5 years, Ben knows very well cross industry content challenges and is passionate about how content curation helps levering marketing intelligence and content marketing.

Brad Webinar

Bradley Yeater

Marketing Manager



Bradley Yeater is a Marketing Manager at GaggleAMP. He is responsible for demand generation and coordinating their annual AMPlify Marketing Conference.