Targeted Employee Activation Methodology

What if your employees LOVED your company but didn't know how to express this appreciation to others? That was the situation for the company I joined a few years ago. With high customer satisfaction (94%) and strong employee engagement, one would expect to find a steady stream of advocacy across the social web. However, ambiguous policies and intricate product lines combined to make this genuine employee admiration a secret too well kept. 

Using an approach we called “Targeted Employee Activation Methodology” (T.E.A.M) we rolled out a program to make it easy for employees to share content that appeared to their individual, personal social connections. The T.E.A.M approach grew from 10 pilot participants to over 900 employees in under three years, a total of nearly 25% FTE. This engagement led to exponential impact in brand awareness and to a significant Lead Generation.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to make it easy for employee advocates to express their admiration on social channels
  • How to segment your program into content queues divided by technology area, geography, and business function
  • How to leverage employee advocacy to dominate field marketing mindshare

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