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Engaging just 60 employees to share you message can increase your company's reach by 1,000%.

GaggleAMP is the only platform that helps enterprise-level businesses gain more control at the top of the funnel by unlocking the power of their employees. The result is greater awareness, better social media results, faster lead generation, and stronger growth - all at lower costs. 

Demo_Screenshots_on_Devices_2.pngUnlock the real power of social media by aligning and empowering your employees, partners, resellers or even customers to effortlessly share your messages to gain more traction - and leads - at the top of your funnel.

GaggleAMP is a powerful tool for marketers as well.  You'll be leveraging the capabilities - and seeing results - within days.  Our powerful reports and analytics provide the data you need to make better decisions.

GaggleAMP allows you to:

  • Amplify Content Reach                

  • Engage Prospects

  • Strenthen Sales Efforts

  • Gain Powerful Insights

  • ...and More!

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