Getting Sales to Share Your Content 

Get the step by step plan to get your sales team on board with content sharing!

Content marketing is more than just posting to social media, there needs to be a deeper interaction and integration between your sales and marketing teams. Ideally, sales will use the content created by marketing as another tool in their sales toolkit to close the next customer or lure in a prospect. However, more often than not, sales ignored the content because they don’t understand the value in sharing it.

The more your content addresses your target's needs and phraseology, the more credibility your marketing efforts will have and better success you will see through your sales. 

Download Getting Sales to Share Your Content eBook to:
  • Learn how to connect the silos between your sales and marketing teams with content
  • Leverage sales's knowledge to develop content that appeals to and will resonate with your target
  • Overcome sales leadership's assumptions about content marketing and get buy-in
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