Getting Started with Employee Advocacy

Before you begin to craft an employee advocacy program, it’s important to have a fully defined concept of what an employee advocate actually is, what they do, and their potential as marketers.  These answers will in turn help you answer the question, ‘Why do you need them?’ 

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  • Learn what employee advocacy is and how to empower your team, from the sales team to the c-suite, to become thought-leaders in your industry.
  • Understand what type of marketing content works best for each social platform.
  • Get exclusive access to case studies, and checklists to learn how to get started in building an employee advocacy program for your company.
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Kristen O'Neill

Corporate Social Media Manager



Kristen O’Neill leads social media for the B2B side of TransUnion including employee advocacy, global governance, and employee training programs. Prior to TransUnion, she was at a healthcare technology company where she led digital marketing including the launch and management of their marketing automation tool.

Before moving to in-house marketing departments, Kristen spent nearly ten years at a Chicago agency where she worked on a variety of programs for some of the largest U.S. brands. Kristen has extensive experience in the financial services, healthcare, and insurance industries.

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