Digital Alchemy: How Employee Advocacy Turns Your Content Into Gold

53% of marketers say distribution is their top need for content marketing!

Merely creating new marketing content is not enough, but you have to choose the best distribution channels (a mix of) to get your content seen. Some people say they can promote their content over social media for free, and others suggest spending 20-30% of their budget on the distribution of their content (using employee advocacy programs, social promotions, social ads, ppc, partner sponsorships, etc). What is the right amount of your budget (marketing) that should be allocated to getting your content seen? 

Download Digital Alchemy: How Employee Advocacy Turns your Content Into Gold eBook to: 

  • Learn how to create content that is engaging and has clear, social-specific goals
  • See what the 3 main distribution channels areand how to best leverage them for your content
  • Discover how to amp up your content distribution with the help of employees and paid avenues.




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